Demagnatized / Remagnatized

Format: Album
Released: 1998 (Nightbreed Recordings)
Cat no: NIGHT CD 021


Track Listing

Retaliate (Counter Strike Mix)
Mind-Energy (Thru Regenerator)
Retaliate (Infiltrate America Mix)
Hack (Zehn Kubik Version)
Truster (Shining Mix)
The Seduction (Neiko’s Mix)
Brain (Leech Woman Remix)
Cryonica (Spahn Ranch Mix)
Mind-Energy (Charly’s Point Mix)
Retaliate (Remixed By The House Of Usher)
Coded (Computer Mix)
Destroy (Suspirious EBM Mix)
Enraged (Pierrepoint Mix)




Demagnetized / Remagnetized

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